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Key Research Directions

According to the national guidelines on new generation of AI development planning, and the basis of scientific research cooperation, C-FAIR analyses the disciplinary advantages and the research characteristics of both universities, and plans the following joint research directions:

1. AI Health and Ageless Aging

C-FAIR focuses on national strategies and livelihood needs such as health, medical care and pension, the basic theories and common methods of AI such as semantic interpretability, behavioral pattern recognition and analysis, association mining and analysis, medical health concept representation learning are mainly studied. Intelligent companionship technology was studied which means natural, continuous, intelligent interaction and companionship in the hybrid intelligent environment of human, machine and material. Integrating the cross-application of medical health data in Shandong University and health town demonstration in Nanyang Technological University, C-FAIR accelerates the research and development on innovative application of AI health and Ageless Aging, provides the public with personalized, diversified, high-quality convenient and efficient services in intelligent pension, intelligent health and intelligent medical care.

2. CrowdScience and Crowdsourcing
C-FAIR Focuses on the strategic requirement of developing CrowdScience network form in the emerging service industry of China, studies the basic theories and methods in multi-agent modeling, CrowdScience measurement and evolution, CrowdScience transaction, structural evolution and robustness of CrowdScience network. C-FAIR conquers key technologies such as intelligent group collaboration, game intelligence and crowdsourcing intelligence. It provides a theoretical basis for effectively promoting the transformation and upgrading of networked multi-intelligence economic society and promoting the innovative development of modern service industry, thus promotes the popularization of intelligent government and intelligent transaction in network economy.

3. Block Chain Intelligence
C-FAIR focuses on the network data security and trustworthiness requirements in key areas such as medical, government and e-commerce. It focuses on Intelligent contracts, privacy protection, multi-chain architecture, consensus mechanism, cross-chain protocols, etc. Relying on the Dareway SmartBC, it accelerates the innovation transformation from the basic theory of block chain to the application, and provides complete traceability, authenticity, self-control and high performance block chain support technology for key areas of new and old kinetic energy conversion.

4. Cross-media Intelligence
Focusing on the strategic needs of the national digital content creative industry, C-FAIR conducts research on cross-media collaborative processing, cross-media perceptual computing, cross-media analysis and reasoning, focusing on breakthroughs of key technologies in cross-media unified representation, association understanding and knowledge mining, construction and learning of knowledge map, physiological and emotional computing, expression and action recognition, etc. C-FAIR achieves efficient human-computer communication and cooperation, supports the sustainable development of national and local digital content creative industries, and promotes the in-depth integration of culture, technology, creativity and technology.

5. Data Cloud Intelligence Research
Focusing on the demand of large data application in major national fields, C-FAIR studies the theory and method of intelligent analysis driven by large data and intelligent optimization of cloud computing data centre. Combined with the key areas of new and old kinetic energy conversion
, demonstration of integrated application is carried out in the fields of social security big data, power big data, manufacturing big data and so on.

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