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Joint SDU-NTU Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-FAIR)

The Joint SDU-NTU Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-FAIR), was launched on July 5, 2019. It is jointly established by Shandong University (SDU, China) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore). Synergizing the strong research and education capabilities from both universities, C-FAIR focuses on the research areas of artificial intelligence fundamentals, AI+ health and aging, crowd science and smart government, block chain intelligence, cross-media intelligence, smart service applications, etc. Through the "2+X" mode, C-FAIR brings together R&D strengths of relevant disciplines of SDU and NTU and involves other leading universities and top researchers from all over the world. The joint research centre aims to be a world-class platform for basic and translational research, life-long education, talent development, and R&D commercialization.

In the "2 + X" mode, "2" represents Nanyang Technological University and Shandong University, "X" represents Dareway company, Zhangqiu District Government of Jinan City, as well as other internationally renowned universities and institutions and their well-known scholars, enterprises and government institutions joining C-FAIR in the future.

C-FAIR is closely around the goal of "Double First-Class" construction of Shandong University, positioning itself as "Five First-Class".
First-Class Scientific Research Platform

C-FAIR positioned the research of artificial intelligence which is interdisciplinary and beneficial to human beings. It deepened the basic and applied research of multidisciplinary and multiindustry in "artificial intelligence +", to create a world-leading and influential first-class interdisciplinary artificial intelligence innovation research platform in China.

First-Class Subject Support Platform


With the help of the research and cooperation of artificial intelligence in Nanyang Technological University and other international well-known universities, C-FAIR actively constructs and improves the discipline system of artificial intelligence in Shandong University, and strives to enter the construction layout of the first-class discipline of artificial intelligence of the Ministry of Education as soon as possible.

First-Class Talent Pooling Platform


Adopting the mode of 2+X, attracting more international first-class cooperative member units, forming a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation cluster ecosphere centered on C-FAIR, realizing that the first-class talents of international artificial intelligence can contribute to the development of Shandong Province.

First-Class Talent Training Base

Taking the cultivation of interdisciplinary postgraduates as the breakthrough point, relying on the advanced experience of Nanyang Technological University in interdisciplinary personnel training and the advantages of Shandong University in multi-disciplinary integration development, C-FAIR will build a high-level first-class artificial intelligence training base and train a new generation of artificial intelligence talents urgently needed by our country.

First-Class Achievement Transformation Platform

C-FAIR actively applies for and undertakes the new generation of AI research projects arranged by governments at all levels and departments of various trades and industries, achieves a number of high-level scientific research results; carries out innovative application research of the new generation of AI, achieves a number of industrialization achievements, and becomes the first-class application and first-class achievements industrialization transformation platform of artificial intelligence.

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